1952 Family Reunion

1952 Group Photo
1952 Group Photo


The first family reunion was organized by Oskar Petersson and Ingrid Lindåberg and was hosted by Ivar & Kerstin Franzén at Rostock Farm. Reunions have been held every five years since then. Emma Johansson (Johannes Branch) wrote the Rostock Ballad / Visan for the first reunion.



The oldest cousins at the first reunion:
Standing: Hilda Lindåberg, Helge Petersson, Karl Petersson, Oskar Gustavsson, Axel Petersson, Evelina Karlsson, Ida Fransson, Anna Franzèn, Knut Johansson
Sitting: Oskar Petersson, Karl Sandberg, Emma Johansson, Karl Gustavsson, Anna Johansson, Lisa Johansson, Hilda Petersson