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August was born 5 December 1855 at Rostock. He was a farmer at Emmabo, Vissefjärda.
He married Charlotta Jonasdotter and they had ten children,
Ida, Hilda, Anna, Karl, Jenny, Berta, Oskar, Axel, Helge and Ture (Ted).
Charlotta died in 1905 at the age of 43 giving birth to Ture.


Hilda, Anna, Ida & Jenny, 1908
Sven, Anna & son Tore

Ida, born 1884, worked at home baking for the family and working in the fields. She met her husband Ernst Fransson at a young age, but couldn't be married until August died in 1935 when she was 50. Ida & Ernst lived happily in the little village of Tinkelsbo, near Emmaboda.

Hilda, born 1886, was 19 when her mother died and she had to succeed her mother in looking after the home and her family. She worked very hard and was clever and courageous - necessary traits for such a difficult role. In 1936, after August died, Hilda and her brother Helge, both unmarried, moved to a house in Lindås that had been built for them by their brothers Karl and Oscar. They lived there happily for many years.

 Anna, born 1888, took care of all the clothing and knitting for the family. She travelled to America where she spent several years working as a housekeeper. She returned to Lindås where she married Sven Franzén.

Jenny, born 1893, worked in a shop in Kalmar, but became ill with a lung disease and died at the age of 21.

Berta, born 1895, died after living only four months.


Ted, Axel, Helge, Oskar & Karl
Karl and Ted, Nybro 1965

Karl, born 1891, was a strong and hard-working man. He moved to Kalmar where he and his brother Oskar became master-builders. In 1923 he married Ellen Karlsson and they later moved to Söderåkra south of Kalmar where they farmed for five years. In 1935, Karl and Ellen and their three daughters Maj-Lis, Gunborg and Birgit moved to Nybro. Karl built houses in Nybro and was involved in other businesses such as raising horses. After Ellen died in 1971, Karl moved to a flat in Emmaboda, near where he had some forest land, and he lived there until he died in 1977.


Karl, Ted, Oskar & Helge

Oskar, born 1897, lived in Kalmar where he became a master-builder and he constructed many buildings in that beautiful city. He was known as 'O.P.' and was a cheerful and jovial person. He and his wife Ella were dear godparents to his nieces. Oskar and Ingrid Lindåberg organized the first Rostock family reunion in 1952 and a reunion has been held every five years since then.

Axel, born 1899, took over the farm at Emmabo after August died in 1935. He and his housekeeper Elsa (from the Johanna Branch) adopted Aila, a second world war orphan from Finland.

Helge, born 1902, lived with his sister Hilda in Lindås, not far from Emmabo. Helge worked as a forester and helped out many farmers in the district. He spent the last years of his life in Algutsboda.

Ture, born 1905, emigrated to America at the age of 20. He settled in Chicago where he met his wife Clara, a native of Kungälv on the west coast of Sweden. In America Ture was known as Ted. He returned to Sweden for the first time in 1937 for a visit with his family in Emmabo and Lindås. In later years, Ted and Clara returned to Sweden many times for a holiday.


Family at Emmabo
Ella, Karl, Ellen, Gunborg & Maj-Lis in Kalmar 1929
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