Anna-Lisa Branch

Frans Elof


Anna-Lisa was born in 1848 at Rostock. She married Frans Elof Petersson, a farmer at Rostock and churchwarden at Algutsboda. He was born in 1842 at Greveshult. They had four children - Axel, Carl, Hilda and Oskar. When Frans died in 1888, Anna-Lisa managed the farm together with the four children.

When her son Carl took over the farm and married Hilma from Knappsmåla Anna-Lisa retired and lived in a house on the farm, where she had two rooms plus a little kitchen and had her own cow and some sheep. Mother Anna-Lisa at Rostock, as she was called, was alert, cheerful and hard-working. She was very proficient with the hand-loom and was known in the area for her baking, above all sponge cakes, which she contributed to local feasts. Anna-Lisa died at Rostock in 1924. 

The ownership of Rostock farm passed to Carls's son Ivar, then to Ivar's son Rune and then to Rune's daughter Magdalena.

Anna-Lisa's 75th birthday, 12 Nov, 1923 at Rostock
Back: Ivar Franzén, Axel Franzén, Carl Franzén, Carl Lindåberg, Hilda Franzén, Oskar Franzén
Middle: Ingrid Lindåberg, Uno Franzén, Hilma Janette, Edla Petersson, Nils Franzén, Calla Lindåberg, Brita Franzén
Front: Gösta Lindåberg, Anna-Lisa, Eva Franzén