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The Rostock Family includes the descendants of Peter Samuel Nilsson & Catarina Petersdotter, founders of Rostock Farm in Småland, Sweden. Peter & Catarina settled the farm about 1845 in the rural community of Rostock where they were known as the Rostock Family. Their eight children and descendants form the branches of the family tree.

Rostock Stronghold
Rostock Stronghold

At Rostock there are remnants of a stronghold. The stronghold was situated on the narrow neck of land between Rostock and Grimmansmåla lakes where the important trade route from Blekinge passed the Wärend border. In the middle ages there lived a ruler named Algut. The stronghold was built on this islet to protect the extensive real estate holdings Algut possessed, which was the whole of Algutsboda parish.

Family Reunions

1952 Group Photo
1952 Reunion at Rostock

The first family reunion in 1952 was organized by Oskar Petersson of the August branch and Ingrid Lindåberg of the Anna-Lisa branch and hosted at Rostock farm by Ivar and Kerstin Franzén of the Anna-Lisa branch. Reunions have been held every five years since then.


2017 Group Photo
2017 reunion at Örsjö

The 2017 reunion was held July 1st, 2017 at Örsjö.  The 70th anniversary reunion was  held July 2nd, 2022 at Broakulla.

1982 Reunion Notice
1982 Family Reunion


Family Branches

Peter Samuel Nilsson & Catarina Petersdotter's eight children all have living descendants - these are the eight branches of the Rostock family tree:
Johannes, Stina-Kajsa, Karl, Johanna, Frans-Gustav, Johan, Anna-Lisa & August.


Family Tree

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Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery


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